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            Shepherds Purse, Cayenne, Yarrow  tincture or powder 

Cough Suppressants

            Mullein   flower is the strongest but leaf easier to collect

            Choke Cherry bark green inner bark



            Desert Sage  COFFEE

            Mullein sedates nerves that cause spasm

            Gumweed – relaxing muscles constricting airways


Kyles Story

            Plantain = wrap in plantain leaf and tie with plantain leaf veins. Has some allentonin.

            Use Comfrey to heal the wound faster. The allantonin makes cells divide faster.

            Calendula heals wounds faster and is antibiotic and antiinflammatory.

            Yarrow is also antibiotic

Puncture Wounds.  DO NOT USE COMFREY

            will close wound too soon and you will get an abscess

            Chia seed

            Plantain – has mild wound healing, it will heal it slowly from inside. Also draws things out of     body.

            Can add flax seed and Cayenne and it will pull more out of the wound.

Infections:  great herb is Calendula – not if pregnant

            Echinacia root or flower

            Yarrow flower

            Gumweed – flower or bud

            Garlic :

Muscular Skeletal System

            Arnica topically- flower, but any part of plant    make liniment using alcohol.

            Get jar of flowers, fill with alcohol, sit couple days, strain and rub on aches and pains and            bruises

            BF&C From Dr. Christophers or amazon. CUT AND SIFTED is my preference 

Broken Bones

            COMFREY accelerates healing.   Aka knitbone


Burns – herbs to pull fluid from burns   

            Aloe gel inside plant

            Purselane- put plant in blender and put it on

            Honey/comfrey/wheat germ oil or vitamin E oil

Urinary Tract infection (UTI)

            Marshmallow root – kills bacteria, soothes inflammation and swelling

            Cranberry or blueberry juice

skin irritation

            Slippery Elm bark poultice, 

            or Chia seeds


            onion or garlic juice or mullein flowers.

            Grind onion, get juice out of it, squeeze in ear.

open wounds


            They tested the use of sugar on 22 patients with sloughy or necrotic wounds. Two of them were infected with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), a superbug known for being resistant to many existing antibiotics. Meanwhile, another seven patients had insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. After applying sugar, the team found that all wounds were clean or debrided after an average of 11.13 days. Meanwhile, blood sugar levels remained stable in the diabetic patients.

The results were attributed to a couple of factors. First, sugar works as a wound dressing because it draws out the fluid from the tissue, which keeps the wound dry and prevents bacteria from spreading. Second, it can promote the growth of new tissue while less painful compared to other wound dressings.

Knutson had since created a salve made of sugar, which he later learned to mix with a mild antibacterial iodine liquid. He used this salve on about 6,000 patients who had all sorts of wounds, such as burns and shotgun wounds. (Related: Prepping tips for the injured or those with chronic illness.)

Most Europeans, however, use sugar alone, and that can work too. Here’s how to use sugar to treat a wound:

  1. Apply a copious amount of sugar. If it immediately soaks up the fluid in the wound, apply more until there’s some dry sugar on top.
  2. Apply a non-adherent bandage and secure it in place.
  3. Change the dressing every other day. It’s best not to wash away or remove the old sugar when changing the dressing as doing so will remove the very delicate tissue forming anew.
  4. Add more sugar on top for the next dressing.
  5. Keep doing this until the wound is healed.

When SHTF, you might want to consider adding sugar to your list of bug-out essentials. It’s not just a good alternative – it’s also a wise one. In the aftermath of a disaster, you’d probably be competing with other survivors for typical wound dressing supplies. You could avoid the skirmish and save yourself from trouble by stockpiling on sugar.

Stings, Poison Ivy, Oak, bees, Stinging Nettle

            Plantain or Yellow dock.   Will grow where plants sting you.

Bug Repellents

            grab a handful of aromatic mint is around and spread it on you.   Mosquitoes can’t identify you.

Snake and Spider Bites: venom that dissolves tissue… liquefies tissue. 

Use equal parts of

            Echinacea – inhibits enzyme that breaks down cell walls – mild wound healing

            Plantain   pulls poison out

            Marshmallow – helps the cells grow…

            Dandelion root – liver/kidney tonic…will pull toxins out.

            Internally and topically

            have dry powder and mix w water and put on wound every 3-4 hrs for 2 days and continue for a week at maybe 2-3 times a day.


            clean it out.

            Make a tea of antibiotic herbs to clean it calendula, echinacea, cleavers

            nifty duct tape trick: put on each side of wound and stitch up the tape

Pain – all effect nerves




Fevers – willow or similar, aspen, popular,

            wild clamatis… chew leaf. If it doesn’t burn your tongue it is too weak.

            Meadowsweet (spiria). 

Eye Infections – make tea, and use as eye wash



            Silver solution


            Sage tea

            anything in mint family will help stomach ache.  Do NOT TAKE PENNYROYAL if pregnant.

            Fennel tea.

            Chammomile or mallow, hollyhock, marshmallow…


            angelica seeds. – anti spasmodic… guts have a fit and are spasming.

            anything in rose family – flower, leaves, chammomile


            psyllium – top of the plantain.

            Oregon grape. Or Barberry- Increases bile and good for indigestion

            cascara sagrada in Dr. Christophers formula. Do not use fresh. Must be dried for a couple years

Tooth Aches


            yarrow…   yarrow root is next best thing to Novocaine



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