Scotch Broth

Scotch Broth is a combination of grains and legumes (rice and beans).  People all over the world have been subsisting on the “perfect protein” combination of beans and rice for hundreds of years.  Yes, you could eat this and only this for quite a while and have what you need.  This is also easy to change in countless ways.  By adding meat and vegetables, canned or fresh of any combination you like–also by adding different spices to the mix you could easily “change it up”. 

Scotch Broth Ingredients:

15 lbs. rice                                         

4 lbs. pearl barley                                

4 lbs. kidney beans                             

4 lbs. black beans.                               

2 lbs. split peas                                   

2 lbs. chick peas                                 

12 oz. bouillon (can use the cubes)

1-5 gallon bucket with lid


**This one bucket could feed a family of 4 one hot meal a day for 2 months**

Step 1.  Fill 2-2 gallon zip lock bags with the rice.  7.5 lbs. in each one.  Fold over loosely.

Step 2.  Fill 1-1 gallon size zip lock  with the barley – don’t zip shut just fold over loosely.

Step 3.  Put the bouillon in a qt size zip lock bag and fold over loosely.

Step 4.  Mix the beans in bottom of your bucket. 

Step 5.  Add the 2 zip lock bags of rice and 1 zip lock bag of barley in the bucket on top of the mixed beans.

Step 6.  Place bouillon in bucket, add the recipe “how to cook”

Step 7.  Place 5 – 300 cc oxygen absorbers in bucket.  Can be found at Winco or Amazon.

Step 7. Snap the lid onto the bucket.


How to cook Scotch Broth

Step 1.  Soak 1 cup of beans for 6 -8 hrs. or overnight. (Cover the beans completely and have at least 2 inches of water over the level of beans.  They will swell while soaking.

Step 3.  Drain and rinse the beans then add 8 cups of water in cooking pot along with the beans.  Bring to a boil then simmer 1.5 hours.

Step 4.  Add bouillon and any other spices to taste, along with any veggies or meat that you may have.  Add ¾ cup of rice and 1/3 cup barley to the pot.  Cook until rice and barley are tender but not mushy. 

Some Scotch Broth Recipe Tips

  1. WINCO has a carrot, celery, onion, tomato, spinach soup mix (bulk food #2172) that  can be  stored separate to add to Scotch Broth to “change it up”.  It is located in the bulk section.  
  2. D&B, WINCO and Amazon carry mylar bags and oxygen packets.  Sometimes not in stock.
  3. Optimum storage would be to use a 5 Gallon Mylar bag in your 5 gallon bucket as well but not necessary. Can be found at WINCO when in stock and also Amazon.
  4. All the ingredients for Scotch Broth can be found at WINCO in bulk section. Except the bouillon, that is found in the soup section. 
  5. Also in a separate attachment is the price list for SORANCO bean products in Twin Falls. This is a wonderful company with great prices.  They contract with farmers around Idaho and work with them for excellent products.
  6. SORANCO does like a couple days notice if you are purchasing more than 1 or 2 bags. Call before you go to make sure they are going to be open. 
  7. Scotch Broth buckets would make nice gifts.


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